Sunday, January 16, 2022

Curb Appeal.  HGTV says that more than 60 percent of online home viewers stop by in person to see a home that they feel is beautiful on the outside. Curb appeal not only gets more potential buyers to your door, but it also increases the value of your home. The best equity builders are projects that add outdoor square footage like decks, outdoor kitchens, and open space living rooms. What if you do not have the money for a large project? We have four key ways that you can make your home look better and feel more inviting whether you are planning to sell it or not.

Paint the front door

Adding a vibrant color like red or bright orange to your front door is an excellent way to dress up the front of the home and make it pop. Adding a few large planters in complimenting colors next to the freshly coated door is another way to extend the look for a more dramatic appearance. To put your design over the top, consider painting the door, planters, and the mailbox the same bold color.

Cleaning the windows makes a difference

You may not realize it, but your windows can get dull pretty quick when the dust kicks up after a rainstorm or a particularly long dry spell. You may not see how dingy and drab the dust makes your home look, but passersby do. You can bring back the shine with a simple wash down with some soap and the garden hose or some window cleaner and a ladder.

New house numbers and other accessories

Buying a set of shiny new address numbers for your home is a simple way to add a little bling. To make your home especially welcoming for guests, you can always add a sign that has the family name or welcome on it. A new floor mat, shiny door knocker, or a set of bright throw pillows on the porch swing can liven up the area without costing an arm and a leg.

Add a fresh coat of paint

This Old House says that painting the exterior of the home is a fantastic way to take your home from drab to fab. Be sure to inspect the outside of the home for plant life, rotted wood, cracked siding, or chipping paint that needs repairing before you put on the new color. Choose a color that goes well with other homes alongside yours for the best results.

Simple ways to boost your home's image can save you time and money in repairs later on. By taking the time to do the four things above, you can find small problems before they become major disasters. So have some fun and take care of your house at the same time.

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